When and how crytpo and blockchain can avoid the tragedy of politics

loading When and how crytpo and blockchain can avoid the tragedy of politics

                           “Anarchy is what the world makes of it”

                                                                 – Alexander Wendt

The Question arises when we talk about Somber 2018 there will be many articles discussing the state of Crypto and extract the key question and concerns for 2019. For example still, continue to wonder when the blockchain will have the degree of efficiency to handle multiple applications at scale and developers and enthusiasts will conduct debate for crypto use cases where “blockchain is best”.

There is another key question to be addressed: At a structural level, all of the participants in the space find a workable mode of collaboration and interaction to support development and growth in the future? Whereas on the other hand will the space transfer into a series of combative arguments, debates and conflicts. After all, there is no last resort in crypto and like global politics space is riotous. But fortunately, there is no necessity that anarchy to be a four-letter word either it cannot be disregarded.

When there is a question about how the collaboration in the space will look in long-term where many respond with sayings and platitudes such as “we are all on the same team” and “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Many enthusiasts point to “open sourcing “code as a way of signaling to “be a team player” and focus on the “greater good”. These points later supported the efforts at collaboration among major players in the space such as Hyperledger and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance together partnered. When you talk about the crypto “Era of good feelings”

The atmosphere of collaboration is admirable and for time being it is very sufficient where there was enough “blue ocean” for everyone and those companies that raised money via ICOs accumulated war chests that resembles in providing them with runaway for years. It seemed as if the “Crypto Roaring 20’s” would never end.


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