Spotlight on blockchain experts- Italy reveals its experts

loading Spotlight on blockchain experts- Italy reveals its experts

Italy is ready to jump into Blockchain action; the country has revealed top 30 talents in the field of blockchain who will play a vital part in integrating the technology in all the states of the country. A major step taken towards implementing the technology in real time, the expert’s list published by the government can bring a lot of positive blockchain changes in the country.

The hiring process for the group took around four months to get completed, and this group will provide importantly advises top government authorities on creating a perfect real-time system for implementing “distributed ledger and blockchain technologies.” This project can make the government progress in the right direction thus making thus errors in implementing the rapidly evolving technology can be minimised. The idea proposed by the government will work great if all the pilot runs are taken into consideration. Real-time implementation of technology is becoming the biggest nightmare for some countries across the globe.

Emerging technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence is intended to drastically change our lives, the society in which we live in and the economic and productive fabric of the country- Luigi Di Maio, deputy prime minister and the economic development minister

All the talents on the group are from Italy and have been closely associated with improving the domestic sectors of the country. They include trade association Assobit co-founder Gian Luca Comandini, Italtel head of marketing portfolio Angiolini Giorgio and Blockchain & Society Policy Research Lab board of director’s member Marcella Atzori.

The country has plans to extend its cryptocurrency monitoring efforts; every activity involving cryptocurrency inside the country will be monitored, also the technology backing up cryptocurrency will also be included in the monitoring list. As technology is evolving so does the dark side of it, these monitoring efforts can significantly reduce illegal activities.

Authorities have released multiple warnings against “suspicious” crypto dealers and are focused on protecting investors and public from crypto scams. Italy is one among the seven states in the European Union that signed the declaration for promoting blockchain in the recent past.

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