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loading Russia to adapt Blockchain for art works

The State Tretyakov art gallery in Russia has planned to create a Blockchain based system where people or enterprises can donate to digitalize a particular piece of artwork. Founded in the mid 19th century the famous museum now has more than 190,000 artwork.

The Tretyakov Gallery announced recently about the Blockchain project named as “My Tretyakov”, the project will receive donations from individuals and companies and in the donors will become patrons of artwork and will be able to create their own line of collections. Whenever the artwork pops up online the name of the patron will be mentioned in it. The system will use Blockchain technology to assign and manage the entire patronage structure.  A report by the gallery mentioned


” The system randomly selects which storage unit (electronic copy of an object of art) will be considered digitized with the help of a particular patron, and links the name to the object. The connection of the name or company name to the digitized exhibit is fixed using blockchain technology”

Ruddle & code, the company involved in developing the required Blockchain application states that this will be a vital part in bringing transparency and accountability when it comes to donations revived.

Masterpieces such as Serov’s “Girl with Peaches” and Malevich’s “Black Square” are to be digitalized in the future. The main aim of this project is to satisfy art lovers across the globe, by providing them with an opportunity to own a piece of their favourite artists in digital format which allows them to view it from any part of the world.

This also will help the museum to understand the mindset of its users. The first quarter of 2019 will witness the launch of this project and the platform used for this will allow patents in music, visual art and all type of intellectual property. Blockchain acts as a bridge between the artists and investors to communicate with each other directly. Russian art market will be elevated by the use of Blockchain technology.

In the recent past, Andy Warhol ’s artwork “14 small Electric Chairs” was digitalized and the results were promising for the art industry. By using Blockchain in the art industry a major problem prevailing in the industry can be addressed, authenticity, of any painting, can be followed back to its original owner and fraudulent activities can be easily ended.


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