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Max Ng, a successful tech entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast; Max was involved in digital currencies when the industry was still at its infancy. With a meritorious experience across Blockchain development, SEO services, corporate as well as social media marketing, he has assisted in numerous successful crypto-token projects, developing winning strategies and meeting funding requirements within the projected time-frame. His passion for the industry inspired him to share his knowledge; He also co-founded, a successful platform with the mission of arming individuals with a competitive edge over other traders/investors with in-house Crypto Formulas and Strategies. A familiar figure in the Singapore crypto community, my advice and opinions are highly sought after by investors/crypto enthusiast looking for winning formulas.



Here is a glimpse of the recent interview with Max Ng


Q. What makes Blockchain stand out from the rest of the technological innovations like AI or IOT?

Blockchain is unique that the transactions cannot be reversed, there are more to explore.

Q.It’s been 10 years since the arrival of Bitcoin; What made it reach it’s pinnacle of popularity in 2017?

There has been a lot of speculations going around. Especially a lot of investment MLM guy came in in 2017.


Q. What do you feel is the main reason for the collapse of Cryptocurrency rough journey in 2018?

It is not a collapse, it is a correction. These has been around since long time ago just that previous correction are not obvious.

Q. Many governments across the globe are still skeptical about the whole concept of cryptocurrency; Is there a reason they might be right and cryptocurrencies are just a bubble?

Bitcoin is a bubble that burst 50+ times and it is still surviving. This is indeed  the same as .com situation.

Q. What do you feel is a solution to overcome the ICO frauds and scams?

It is not going to be easy. We are trying our best to spot these scam too. However due to manpower issues, we cannot do much


Q. What are your thoughts on STO; has transition of popularity started to fade away in ICO’s?

Right now everyone is looking at STO, but 100+ STO are not fully regulated. The wordings may change but ICO will remains after STO are found to be not fully regulated


Q. What do you think is the attitude of Investors and Venture capitalists at this point of time towards Blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Investor are getting savvy. VC are coming in too, but education is a must for mass adoption.

Q. What do you think is the strategy being few ICO’s making it big?

Their token price must be pegged to business model. ICO are actually borrowing future money. Their business model needs to be able to increase market cap based on business revenue.


Q. What was the actual idea behind the start of

The main objective is to educate layman what this industry is all about, to be a gatekeeper and protect our community. However we realize that we should be like a cryptopolice and safeguard every community from people who doesn’t know what they doing.


Q. What is your 10 year vision for from this point on?

I do not want to over promise and under deliver. But right now i only hope to finish our ICO and expand so that we can be faster to validate good and bad/scam project. There are many things that we wanted to do to protect the community and to gain mass adoption for cryptocurrency too. 10 years later, we may even be a most reliable source that even gov may need as was born out of passion for cryptocurrency.


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