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Natchaphan Sonsirinun, a visionary in the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Possessing a strong background in the field of network marketing dating back to 2006. Bringing over 12 years of experience in brand consulting and training, she has built strong relationships through her extensive leadership skills, has conducted trainings for hundreds of people, and has served as an inspiration to thousands. Currently she runs a number of businesses in fields ranging from media production, graphic design and animation, and event organizing, to travel and leisure. Her strong vision, leadership, and coaching skills are the driving force in communicating with, motivating, and influencing her team.

She has become a regional authority in cryptocurrency through conducting business in the field since 2014. In this capacity she has become a sought after speaker and advisor on Blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. Furthermore, she has acquired extensive, in-depth information regarding diverse digital currencies through operating her own cryptocurrency mining farm.


Here is a glimpse of the recent interview with Ms.Natchaphan Sonsirinun


Q. Of all the ground breaking technologies, why do you put your core focus on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies?

Because, I believe that Blockchain technology is going to change the world as we know it. Blockchain is going to be used for so many things, not just cryptocurrency. But I believe that it is the next IT revolution

Q. It’s almost 4 years now since you’ve been involved with cryptocurrencies, what was the driving factor behind its adaptation?

Yes. It has been four crazy years! In this short time we have seen so many big changes with crypto currency world. This is because it is so new and trendy. It has become very popular, but it’s still so new.

This makes it a bit unstable, but I like to be involved in new things, in innovation.

Crypto trends moved from Bitcoin, to mining, to trading, to ICO’s and new coins, but I believe that the future of the Cryptocurrency will be in real value and usability. If we can do something real not only some project like idea in the air. And this is what we try to make it happen; real crypto asset

Q. From your point of view, how has Blockchain changed certain industries for the better?

Obviously Blockchain has made a big difference in finance and investments and that is where we see that biggest movement. But, Blockchain helps all industries that work with storage of information and databases. I like the way that Blockchain empowers the individual through transparency and stability.

Q. Many governments across the globe are still skeptical about the whole concept of cryptocurrency; Is there a reason they might be right and cryptocurrencies are just a bubble?

Well unless we bring real value to cryptocurrencies through providing real usability and connecting with strong business, then there is good reason to be skeptical. Crypto is not the problem. It is a beautiful technology. The problem is not connecting the crypto to real value.

Q. Why do you think the cryptocurrency world with the current right now was wrong?

No, it’s not. The problem is not the cryptocurrency but problem is the owner who doing start up business, Are they have more knowledge enough to public the crypto currency sell.

I want to see cryptocurrency more accessible to normal people. The crypto world is still affected by mostly tech people but I want to see everyone have access to this opportunity.

Q. Coming to you strive to create a cryptocurrency of a new breed; why is that?

I co-founded Orientum because I could see certain weaknesses in the crypto industry and wanted to bring a new choice that I believed could be greater value to coin holders.

I want to see this great innovation grow and become more stable, and I want Orientum to be a crypto for regular people like me.

Q. You’ve mentioned on the web that a cryptocurrency backed by Tangible assets such as real estate could make it more stable; would this be a new direction of cryptocurrencies?

I sure hope so, and as I mentioned above, I really believe it will more and more.

Q. Do you think decentralization is the key to solving the existing data security issues?

I think in the long-term, we will need more than that to make cryptocurrencies secure.

I believe we need more regulation and strong security standards.

This is why we invited a professional banker to be the CEO of Orientum.

Decentralization can help, but it is not the whole solution. But it’s for sure decentralization is good for startup business, and i also will use it for some start up platform too.

Q. What is your 10 year vision for from this point on?

Both my long-term and short-term vision for Orientum is to create a bigger and bigger market for Orientum by connecting merchants and consumers who use Orientum to buy and sell.

This is what we try to make it happen as you know that our business platform like Real Estate, and Plastic Waste project to Fuel, there are profitable for long term in the future. And everyone who can buy our Orientum from small or any amount from the exchange; they will get the benefit together with us after we public in the future by airdrop every 3 months for coin holders.

“My vision is to create a cryptocurrency backed by genuine hard assets, including real estate, hospitality, and F&B outlets, while at the same time leveraging investments through funding innovations for a sustainable future. In this way the currency can maintain sustainable value that stands the test of time while offering high potential for dynamic value increase.”

Natchaphan Sonsirinun

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