Hilarious Tweets about bitcoin

loading hilarious tweets about bitcoin

2017 was the year for Bitcoins it reached almost $20.000 and crashed to $6000and it was an intense period for the bitcoin community. During that time many found the opportunity to share their hilarious opinions about Bitcoin on Twitter and was the best place for it. And here are some tweets.

Bitcoin Millionaires

loading Hilarious Tweets about bitcoin

Hope everyone remembers the period when bitcoin hit astronomic price last year and many people invested and some of their quick money shared their unqualified advice which later got trolled on Twitter.

What Bitcoin actually is?

loading hilarious tweets about bitcoin

There are still people who don’t have any idea on how cryptocurrencies work and maybe they are not interested to know but their friends or relatives will probably own bitcoin so they listen to it and get obsessed to it. Even some of the celebrities don’t understand the working process of bitcoin.

Jokes on Volatility

There are people who just started using bitcoin and the price fluctuations are not that funny. But for the long-term investor, the price drops are expected and they don’t worry much about it.

Explaining To Everyone What Bitcoin Is?

loading hilarious tweets about bitcoin

And this is the most difficult task any bitcoin community members had to do. It is believed to be the funniest tweets for now.

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

loading hilarious tweets about bitcoin

Bitcoin cash, the Altcoins created as a result of the hard fork in Bitcoin was the placed under the lens last year. It became a favorite topic of debate among the crypto community and Twitter users made use of it to create humor from the fight.




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