Blockchain Based Smartphone Endorsed By Messi from November

loading Blockchain Based Smartphone Endorsed By Messi from November

Footballer to kick off the campaign for the first ever Blockchain based mobile phone

Sirin lab phones, known for their innovative and secure mobile phone, are planning to launch its new product, Blockchain tech based mobile, “Finney” in the November of 2018. Finney, named after the crypto currency pioneer, Hal Finney will be endorsed by one of the best footballer in the present era, Leo Messi. Messi announced as the ambassador last December, has done his fair deal of search on the new technology as there are celebrities in the past that has been tangled by the cryptrocurrency scams for their endorsed product.

The Israeli start up, launched a mobile for the high net-worth community providing start of the art cyber security in the year 2016 with the price range of $16000. Solarin Smartphone will be succeeded by Finney from 29 November 2018 which will be launched in Barcelona, Spain.

Features of Finney, the mobile:

  • Built in Cold storage Crypto-wallet: This enables the user to have a hidden storage of crpyptocurrencies until the slide is revealed. The major objective of this is to ensure that the crypto market reaches millions more among the globe.
  • 128GB of internal storage, 12megapixel rear camera,8 megapixel front camera,6 inch notch screen in the ratio of 18:9.
  • This mobile will run on Sirin OS, which will provide de-centralized apps with the help of Blockchain technology and also token conversion service [SRN]for the benefit of their users.

Seeing the potential of Blockchain technology, Sirin labs claims this to be the world’s first Blockchain based mobile that also will be impenetrable by any hackers offering a top notch security. The price range of this mobile will be $1000, which could give a tough competition for Apple and Samsung mobile in the same price range.

In an interview with “the independent” past July where Finney news was given to the public, Nimrod May, Chief Marketing Officer, Sirin labs told “We are Blockchain enthusiasts. We want o make Blockchain technology available to as big an audience as possible, while making crypto currency accessible to the mainstream.”

The blog post which made Messi the ambassador also stated “A brand ambassador is someone who recognises the significance of a company and agrees to represent that company in a professional manner, educate others about it, and bring awareness to it.”

The post also cleared that this relationship with Messi is the result of our product that cleared most of the issues prevailing in the present trend. The football star is also impressed with the professionalism and future of the Sirin labs.

The product has been vetted and cleared by the technology excerpts working behind the screen for Messi, because of the fact that they don’t want to be related with any illegal brand or criminal activities.


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