Apple eyeing blockchain? Apple’s blockchain increases the benchmark.

loading Apple eyeing blockchain? Apple’s blockchain increases the benchmark.

Apple, one of the leading tech giants in the globe is famous for its innovative works in the past. The brand is famous for its durable products that changed the standards of the communication industry. Just a thought, what impact can apple make if they decide to introduce blockchain technology in their upcoming IOS 14? If Apple decides to step into blockchain then there is no stopping them, their adoption of blockchain technology will increase the awareness about the technology and will surely increase the adoption of the rapidly evolving technology. They have all the required resources to make blockchain payments work in large scale.

Blockchain in media industry

Various steps have been taken in the past few years to integrate blockchain technology with the traditional media. All the results of the previous integration steps have a little too off the charts, either they are showing huge spike or reaching too low. Apple, if introduces the technology then they can get a head start when compared with the blockchain start-ups because of their existing relationship with media outlets.

The move by apple can be a huge boost for mass adoption of the technology; the company will offer free tokens initially to their ever-growing user base which in turn will be used for making purchases in the app store and the transactions made by issued tokens can be traced back with the help of blockchain technology.

If Apple jumps in then it will a win-win situation for both the company and the technology. It will improve transactions processes and will totally eliminate all the problems faced in micropayments. This may be speculation but we still can’t confirm what is happening behind the closed doors.


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Tech giants in Blockchain

The social media start, Facebook is knee deep into blockchain technology and they are focused on hiring blockchain experts from all around the globe, they have also invested a considerable amount of time and money into the technology. With the recent trust issues faced by Facebook has spoiled the reputation of the social media platform.

Zuckerberg’s public apology hasn’t been able to totally repair the damage caused by selling user information to third-party sites, but they are on the path of recovery.


OS giant on the other end of the scale is serious about developing a blockchain solution that is capable of managing its intellectual property on its MS word gaming console. This can be a time-being project but soon it will take a hard right towards payment system and financial transactions, this also will lead to mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

Even though Apple hasn’t released any official statements about diving into blockchain technology, their entry into the blockchain world can cause a lot of ripple in the adoption of the technology. It looks like Facebook and Microsoft are waiting for no tide; they are planning their moves cautiously. If steps of Apple in blockchain get confirmed then it will be a matter of time for Google to jump into the race, when it happens then media payments backed by blockchain technology can be accessible from isolated parts of the world.

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